Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Vacay

We spent a long weekend at Lake Livingston's Northshore RV Resort with Mom, Chuck, Memaw, Papaw, Jalee, Chris, Aunt Sheila, Jarrod, Jamikay, and baby nephews! :) The Resort was awesome with a man-made beach front, a splash park, a swimming pool, sno-cone shack, and a club house. We had a blast with family swimming and eating and more swimming and eating. We had a wide variety of burgers, BBQ, sandwhiches, snacks, and adult beverages to last the whole weekend. Memaw and Papaw took Caleb and Caraline home with them. We headed back for Tyler with Chris and Jalee, stopping at Olive Garden for a feast, a bottle of wine, and some adult conversation. The kiddos stayed a couple of nights hanging out at Memaw and Papaw's, a night at Aunt Deanna and Uncle John's to play with Tripp, then a couple of nights having a blast with Mom and Chuck. Mom took them out to eat, shopping, and even took them to the movies. Drew and I had lots of dates that week. We went out for drinks with friends a couple of times too. Caleb and Caraline headed back home with Nanna and Big Daddy after 6 days away from home. We were sooooo excited to see them... they looked so grown up! We spent quite a while getting hugs and kisses before they just HAD to see the puppies. This summer was awesome but flew by WAAAAYY too fast! Now back to school... I really am hoping for a great school-year though. I'll finally be teaching Pre-AP English II along with my two Yearbook classes. Caleb is going into the fourth grade and Caraline will be a big Kindergartner. They are soooo excited to start school! :) So, I must say 'goodbye' to SuMmEr now... sigh
Back in TyLeR...
Kids come HOME!!!!!!!!!!