Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Caleb is 11 Years Old!!!

Sweet Caleb Aaron is officially ELEVEN! We decided to let him have a Sleepover with pizza, video games, and cupcakes (rather than have another 'little kid' Saturday birthday party). Will, Andrew, and Taylor all rode the bus over to the high school with Caleb, Caraline, and Connor. All SIX of them filled up the Suburban. They had tons of fun together and made sweet little memories :)

School Days Return

Here is Caleb and Caraline on their 1st Day back at school... She is now a 1st grader and He is in the 5th grade. I can't believe he will be in Middle School next year! Caraline is still in the Dual Language Program, but she was also just promoted to the Gifted Program :) She was so cute when we explained it to her because she ran up to Caleb and said, "Guess what?... Now I'm as smart as you are!" Big news for Caleb... He just won a $1,000 Savings Bond in an Essay Contest! He also just made the UIL Math Number Sense Team, after tryouts, this week :) School has already kept us ExTrA busy, but we are love it and we're so very proud of our smart kiddos!