Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Double Birthday Get-Away to Fort Worth

Oh my gosh! We had soooo much fun with friends and family this weekend!!! Drew just turned 30 years old on Tuesday and Saturday was my 31st. Here's how we celebrated...
After dropping the kiddos off in Lindale, with Poppa and Gigi, we headed to Fort Worth with our friends Melissa and Jerrod. Jalee and Chris followed behind us and we all stopped for a yummy lunch at Taco Cabana as we drove through Dallas. Before checking into our hotel rooms, we shopped a little in downtown and stopped by Starbucks. At the hotel, we spent some time relaxing and getting ready for dinner. The view of the Water Gardens was beautiful. We met up with Laura, Lynn, and Matt for an absolutely DELICIOUS gathering at PF Changs... we had egg drop soup, calamari, crab wontons, honey seared chicken, mongolian chicken, sweet and sour pork, and lots of other scrumptious entrees with perfect little desserts. Our waitress kicked butt; she even put little candles in mine and Drew's desserts after taking group pictures for us.
We headed back to the hotel rooms for cocktails with lots of friends. After some laughs, 16 of us squeezed into the elevator and into a couple of cars for a fun night at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. That place ROCKS!!!!!!! We all jammed to songs from the last 3 or 4 decades while the piano players joked around and encouraged more drink purchases. What a fun night we had!
After sleeping in a little, we all packed up for breakfast at The Corner Bakery... mmmmm :) We then went to the Water Gardens for a few fun photos.
We stopped in Arlington for lunch, hosted by Lynn and Matt. They were all ready for us with balloons, flowers, cards, and burgers on the grill. Thanks, guys! It was great :) Jerrod and Melissa rode back with us to pick up Caleb and Caraline at the Bed & Breakfast.
Drew and I also want to thank everyone for helping make our birthdays soooo special! Thanks, Mom for the spending money... Thanks, Laura for the shopping trip beforehand... Thanks, Eric for your help with the hotel rooms... Thanks, Dad and Antoniette for keeping our little rugrats so we could get a break... Thanks to ALL of our friends and family for our 40 or 50 birthday wishes that we received over the weekend!!! We love you all and we truly feel blessed for having such an amazing circle of love around us! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Although it was a stormy morning, the kids hopped up to see what the Easter Bunny left in their baskets... he also hid lots of eggs throughout the house (where it was nice and dry). The kids had a blast finding them and they were being fair by keeping it equal with the amount that they each found :) Drew got out his new smoker and prepared the chickens for our Easter lunch. We spent the day with Poppa, Gigi, Jalee, Chris, Deven, and Eric. After a yummy dinner together and taking fun pictures, we spent several hours just visiting and playing with the kids :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Memaw's SURPRISE 80th Birthday Party!!!

Oh my gosh... our Memaw is the cutest thing ever!!! She was so surprised to see all of us down in Beaumont. I love her so much and it was worth it to miss the Prom to go to her birthday party... these are "my kids" too! The ones I've had since they were freshmen. These are the kids who have grown up with me; I had them for two years in a row. So they were a little disappointed in me, but they know I love them! :) Ms. Parker Austin bailed me out of doing pictures... good job, by the way, Catherieeee!

Memaw thought she was going out to eat with Uncle Kenny and Aunt Beverly... little did she know we had all travelled miles and miles to surprise her at a very colorfully decorated party on Kenny and Beverly's beautiful back porch. We came from all over: Jalee and Chris as well as my bunch from Tyler, Sheila from Dallas, Sharon flew in from Georgia, Jeff and Karen from Austin, Sarah (now on her way back to Hawaii), Jarrod's group with Nanna and Big Daddy from closer to Sour Lake, Dustin from Huntsville, and... Sean & Susann via webcam from Germany!

We spent the day having briskett with lots of yummy sides and yummy drinks. Aunt Sheila showed her the picture slideshow of her life set to the song, "Hey, Good Lookin'... Watcha' Got Cookin" as well as the awesome photo book she made from her childhood to know. Memaw and Papaw just LOVED those! :) After presents and cake we all spent hours visiting and listening to old stories and jokes... we have the funniest, most loving, most adorable grandparents to ever walk this planet!!! It was a special weekend and I know Memaw felt very blessed to have all of her loved ones all around her!!!