Monday, March 8, 2010

CaRaLiNe fAiTh is SIX today!!!

I am a little sad that my sweet angel, Caraline Faith, is not a baby anymore, but we were so excited to celebrate her 6th birthday with friends and family yesterday! She has wanted a swim party for years now, but the weather doesn't cooperate very well in early March... so, luckily we were able to accomodate her at Tyler's Indoor Waterpark in the "Villages". The Birthday was Hello Kitty-themed, and Aunt Jalee made an AmAzInG Hello Kitty birthday cake that RoCkEd!!! Caraline was excited to spend time with family and friends for cake, ice cream, & lots of swimming. Addie, Jordan, Ellie, and Ethan had a blast with Caleb & Caraline. Lots of family joined in as well: Lala, Poppa, Gigi, Aunt Jalee, Uncle Chris, Grandpa Dana, Deborah, Christopher, Jamikay, and Ethan (who turned 3 years old, just one day before)! The party was a huge success, but we were all exhausted by the end of the day!